Derek B Hepworth, FRPSL

Crimean War 1854-56

The course of the war is traced from the blockade and bombardment of Odessa (cover March 1854) by the Franco-British fleet. This had entered the Black Sea in Jan 1854 following the elimination of the Turkish fleet in Nov 1853 off Sinope (Turkish Black Sea port). The Allies declared war on Russia Mar 1854. A Raglan letter is evidence of the Allies in Varna and of the Russian retreat from Austrian threats in Moldovia. A single Turkish cover is from the aptly named Lt Gen Cannon, hero of the Siege of Silistria. By Sep 1854 the Allies had invaded the Crimea to destroy the main Russian naval base of Sevastopol. Covers from and to Scutari hospitals are shown. Other items include a Baltic naval cover and a reference to "the Charge of the Light Brigade".

Second was Graham Mark with "Postage Due on Military Mail 1914-18" whilst in third place was Peter L. High with "Italian Hospital Ships".

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