WWII POW Camps - Awarded by Edmund Hall

The President (Edmund Hall) announced that choosing the winner of the Alan Brown trophy was a near impossible task made more so by so many excellent articles in the Journal this last year- all worthy of the trophy.  He had whittled it down to five: WW2 POW Camps; British FPO updates; Betasom Italian Submarine Base, Bordeaux; Reduce, Re-use, Recycle and Greek-Italian War 1940-43 Italian POW mail.  All had original research work in them and it was good to see many references quoted.  Ed was tempted to put the five in a hat and draw one at random but in the end he chose WW2 POW Camps by Peter Burrows which appeared in six parts starting in Winter 2013 Journal (No 298) and ending in Spring 2015 Journal (No 303).