“RAF No 205 (Flying Boat) Squadron - Borneo Tours 1930-36”

Bernard Lardner with his entry entitled “RAF No 205 (Flying Boat) Squadron - Borneo Tours 1930-36”.  In 1927 the RAF sent four Supermarine “Southampton” Mk II flying boats on an extended tour of the Far East.  At the end of the tour the flight was disbanded and reformed as No 205 (Flying Boat) Squadron in Singapore where it remained until 1941.  Until the outbreak of WWII the Squadron made a total of 32 visits to Borneo, initially for survey purposes often with the Royal Navy, but as the thirties progressed more time was spent in testing and preparing landing grounds.  The authorities in Borneo occasionally gave short notice that mail could be carried by air and this would involve a surcharge and an air mail label.