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“The Dover Patrol in World War I”

At the outbreak of the war the Dover Patrol was part of the East Coast Command based at Harwich, its significance after several centuries as a major naval base having been diminished by the major antagonist now being further north in Germany rather than France.  However it soon became apparent the Dover Straits was destined to become just as important as the east coast and the Dover Patrol became a separate command when the Kaiser’s troops moved westwards.  The Dover Patrol was tasked with intercepting all German and neutral ships and examine them for contraband within an area of 4000 square miles.

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Dover Patrol

The British Navy: WW1

The Dover Command and the Dover Patrol

At the outbreak of war, the Dover Patrol was part of the East Coast Command with HQ at Harwich. Dover as a naval base had become less important once the antaganist changed from France.

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