Conflicts in South America

Edmund Hall

On occasions for competitions I write especially for it on others I grab the required pages from part of my collection. This is such an occasion but in this case these sheets do not come from one contiguous section but from bits and pieces from within it. It just so happens that I could make 16 sheets on wars within the American continent mostly only involving American countries. For this reason I excluded the Falklands war, which I have shown before. Some of these conflicts are seldom mentioned and due to scarcity of material it would almost be impossible to form much of a collection around any one of them. One exception being the Chaco war, of which I only show a part of my collection here. Information of the events, in some cases, is as rare as the covers themselves and as for finding data on uniforms and equipment – well that’s another story.

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Banana Wars
Banana Wars 2
Banana Wars 3
Banana Wars 4
Banana Wars 5
Brazilian Revolution
Colombia Peru War
Chaco War
Chaco War 2
Chaco War 3
Chaco War 4
Chaco War 5
Ecuador Peru War
End of Empire

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