Martin Lynes Display

Martin Lynes

The fourth display of the late Martin Lynes collection presents many splendid examples of some of the less well-known aspects of the wartime and garrison mails between 1914 and 1942. For example, of particular note, there are items to and from the POW ships, both in the UK and in France in 1915; notification postcards from returning British and German POWs, 1919-1918; FPOs in Ireland in the early 1920s; covers from British troops in Waziristan in 1923; covers to and from British and Swedish troops sent to secure the Saar plebiscite in 1935; mail to and from foreign fighters in the Spanish Civil War – British, Irish and Italian; mail to and from foreign volunteers in the Winter War1939-40, including an ex-RAF air mechanic; a cover from the German Peace Delegation at Versailles in May 1919; A welcome home letter from KGV to a returning POW in 1918; and last but certainly not least, two items from Elisabethville in County Durham in 1917- see - a village of Belgian munitions workers.

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