POW and Internment Mail

Martin Lynes

This contains a selection of unusual POW and internment mail, spanning the period from 1812 (from a French POW in a depot near Bristol) to 1947 – a German POW in a camp near Harpenden. The display goes on to include items from the Boer War, and from WW1 we have items from and to the POW ships of the Solent Squadron, German POWs in Japan, British POWs in Ruhleben and a number from British POWs in Turkey, on various items of stationary.

WW2 features several items from British internees of the Germans in the camps in France. There is also displayed a most unusual cover to a German internee in the USA in July 1941, and an official cover addressed to the Japanese ‘relocation’ centre in Wyoming in April 1944.

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