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David Cornelius

David Cornelius - 1934-2005

David Cornelius died on Friday 2nd September 2005, aged 71, and his funeral was held on Monday 12 September at Bournemouth Crematorium. David was born at Plymouth on 16 November 1934; after leaving school in 1952 he joined the Royal Air Force and served in a variety of postings both in the UK and overseas until he took early retirement in 1977 having reached the rank of Warrant Officer. Between 1977 and 1991 he worked for Robson Lowe (Christies) in Bournemouth, leaving when that office closed at the end of 1991. Thereafter he worked for Christies as a consultant on a part-time basis and also undertook voluntary work until 1995.

David was a member of long standing (his membership number being 295) and will be remembered for organising annual meetings at the offices of Robson Lowe in Bournemouth many years ago, enjoyed by both local members and a strong London contingent. David will also be remembered for his interest in British Forces mail generally, but particularly for a series of articles he wrote for the Newsletter in 1973/74 & 1976 concerning British Forces in Norway during WW2. This culminated in the publication of "British FPOs in Scandinavia 1940-47" in 1981 written by David and published in Denmark by Posthistorisk Forlag. Our records show that he last visited the Society in June 1994 for a display and talk by John Firebrace.

Our sympathy and condolences go to his wife Sandy and family.


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