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February 2021 Member Displays

Our second meeting of the New Year but our first with a theme - and that was “Air Forces and Flown Covers”. A wide subject area but we still accepted presentations which did not fit into the theme. Once again we had around 25 members present from various parts of the world.

Once again Alan Baker started us off with a selection of RCAF and RAF material. This included RCAF covers from the UK and also in Newfoundland as part of Force W. The Caribbean featured a great deal with a cover to US Marines in Jamaica as well as covers from US bases in the Caribbean; items from the RAF in the Bahamas, including one from RAF Station No 111 in Nassau and also RAF Transport Command in Trinidad. Then we moved to Canada with covers from RAF personnel training in that country, from a US national serving with the RCAF and also a much re-directed cover to an RCAF individual in the UK.

February 2021 Member Displays
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