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Gerald Sattin

Gerald Sattin - 1927-2007

Gerald Sattin took an interest in Indian postal history from an early age, building up a major collection of Campaign Mails of India to 1909. This was sold in order to concentrate on Soldiers' Privilege Rates of the British Empire to 1898. Later this was reduced in scope to cover Asia and Africa. His research on postal, military and biographic aspects of every cover was detailed and meticulous. He was internationally renowned for these collections, and rightly received many high awards at International exhibitions.

Gerald gave a display of Indian campaign mails to FPHS in 1971, and joined the Society in 1980, giving another display the same year. In recent years he occasionally attended meetings when the subject particularly interested him, contributing displays when relevant. He last attended a Society meeting on 11th June 2005 when the subject was "Sudan".

Gerald died on 10th November 2007, and is survived by his wife Mona and 3 sons plus grandchildren.

Alistair Kennedy


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