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Harry Cope Award Rules

1. The Award consists of a medal which the recipient will keep. It is named after a former Hon. Secretary of the Forces Postal History Society, who was a benefactor of the Society.

2. The Award shall be determined by the Officers and Committee Members of the Society meeting in Committee to decide upon the Award and shall be notified at the Annual General Meeting.

3. To be considered for this Award the author(s) must be member(s) of the FPHS.

4. The medal need not be awarded each year, and more than one award may be made in any one year, at the discretion of the Officers and Committee meeting as at Rule 2 above.

5. Nominations for the Award may be made by any member in writing to the Hon. Secretary of the FPHS, by the date to be announced in the Society's Newsletter Supplement. The work in question must be available at the meeting of the Committee, and will be returned to the person submitting it.

6. To qualify for consideration a work should include original research (preferably on subjects which have received little or no attention in the past) and the content be such as to fall within the scope of Forces Postal History.

7. The material submitted can be an essay in depth or article of not less than 4,000 words, or a book. It can be published privately or commercially or through the FPHS.

8. The work should be a new work written or published within the three years preceding the year of the award.

9. There must be a good postal history content, rather than an overtone of history which obscures postal information. As a guide, the Committee should consider the value of the information provided, which not only indicates what to look for but also provides a stimulus to encourage a collector to take up the subject.

10. It is hoped that this award will encourage contributions from all the members of the FPHS, particularly for the Newsletter or Society publications, although it is not an obligation to publish through the FPHS.

11. The decision of the Committee shall be final.


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