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Jan 2021 Member Displays

Our first meeting of the New Year and we had up to 25 members and guests present - well done and thank you to you all, especially those who put on displays. This was another showing of whatever members wanted although we appear to have a predominance of RAF material!

Alan Baker started the show by reminiscing about reading a book on the Battle of Jutland and then became fascinated about it. His display comprised a selection of cards and covers from some of the smaller vessels involved in the Jutland battle - there were in total around 140 such vessels from both sides. He started off with a picture postcard of HMS Christopher, a cover from HMS Garland and a postcard from HMS Ophelia (an M Class destroyer). These types of vessels each had a complement of around 70 personnel. Further covers were from HMS Termagant, HMS Michael (a vessel named after my own heart!), HMS Maenad and HMS Marksman, all with their own individual censor cachets. Then it was on to the German vessels with a postcard from the 14th Torpedoboot Half Flotilla and the Torpedoboot V45..

Jan 2021 Member Displays
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