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Logging in/Signing up as a website member

The redesigned website has a login feature for FPHS members. This allows the website to host all information including material intended for members only. The login bar can be found at the far right in the header.

Clicking on Log in takes you to the log in/sign up page. To register for access to the member pages, enter an email address and password and then click on the Sign Up button. If you have already registered, click on Log In to switch to Log In screen and enter your email address and password.

If you are registering for the first time, you will not need to confirm your email address but wait for an email telling you that you have been approved. You can then use the email address and password to access the member pages.

When you have successfully logged in, all the member pages are contained under the members Only menu item. Select any to view. The log In bar the header section, will now show your initial and a bell notification icon. The down arrow to the right of your initial gives access to your Profile and Account details. The notification bell will indicate if you have any unread notifications.


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