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Martin Lynes

Martin Lynes ~ 1938 - 2013

Born 14th September 1938 and died 3rd November 2013, aged 75 years.

It is with great and deep sadness that I have to tell you that our Vice President, Martin Lynes, passed away on Sunday 3rd November 2013.

Eulogy to Martin:

Last Post ~ Martin Lynes

It is with great deep sadness that I write about the loss of a very dear friend and a partner, Martin Lynes, who passed away on 3rd November 2013. aged 75. We were together for many years, mainly at Philatex, as ‘the retired couple’. We travelled together to various stamp fairs in Europe and the USA, and consulted with each other about items, quality, prices and the world of stamps in general.Martin had a vast knowledge of so many subjects in Philately, especially in Holyland, World Military Mail, Prisoners of War and other similar topics. But thatjust scratched the surface of his knowledge. When Martin sold you a cover, you also received all the information about it, enough that it was almost exhibition ready. It is no wonder that traders queued to buy Martin’s “knowledge with a cover”. He loved to explain to the collectors about their purchases and abouttheir own philatelic material. We will all miss him in our Philatelic world.

I knew Martin for a few decades and, during that time, we built up our friendship. When in London for a fair or exhibition, he stayed at my ‘hotel’ as my guest. He would relax with his love for books, music and sport and, as an avid fan of Rugby, gradually turned me into a spectator of Rugby, too. I am sure that most members of The Forces Postal History Society and The Holyland Society will remember Martin as a friendly, honest and gentle man. And on behalf of all of you I will convey our deepest sympathy and sincere condolences to his wife, Wendy, and his children and grandchildren on their bereavement. Martin we miss you. But we will not forget you.

Ze’ev Galibov.


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