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Opening Member Displays

All member displays are held on the website as a pdf document. Most of displays have a short introduction to explain the subject matter. When viewing a display through your browser you also have the option to save it to a location on your computer for viewing later.

On the new website, member displays are located in the Member Only section, accessed from the menu item, to the far right of the main menu:

In order to select the display you want to read, click on either the image or title. If you click on the publisher name (always FPHS Administrator) you will only load their profile page!

Once selected the article page will open containing the display to be down loaded:

The article page presents you with the Title followed by a description of the display. Under neath the description is the link to the document itself. To preview or download the file, click anywhere in the filename bounding box. Exactly how the file will open is dependent on the browser you use. This example uses Microsoft Edge, which presents a download option. You can choose to save or open the document:

Saving the file will save it to a chosen location on your computer. Choosing open will load the document into a new tab on your browser:

Again, depending on your browser, you will have an option to save the document from the open document.l


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