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Keith Tranmer

Honorary Life Membership

At the Annual General Meeting held on 10 April 2010 Honorary Life Membership was conferred on Keith Tranmer in recognition of his many years service to the Society. The President (Ian Muchall) recalled that Keith had been our membership secretary for some 20 years until 2007 and he was also our President during 2001-03 which included our 50th Anniversary year. Keith had supported the Society in other ways - he had attended almost all London meetings and had also attended our weekends away (notably Leeds and Lancaster), has written articles for our Newsletter / Journal and displayed regularly at London / away meetings.

He was also a regular supporter of our former annual meetings in places such a Birmingham, Manchester, Worthing and Worcester. Those who had been present at meetings where he displayed knows he always had a good story to tell - associated in some way with the material he displayed and he was an excellent host as President at our 50th Anniversary dinner during our first weekend away. He continues to support the Society by being on the Committee and giving us his wisdom on a variety of subjects when we meet on those formal occasions. Those present wholeheartedly supported and approved the proposal.


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