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Michael Dobbs

Honorary Life Membership

At the Annual General Meeting held on 13 April 2019 Honorary Life Membership was conferred on Michael Dobbs. The President (Richard Berry FRPSL) said that it gave him great pleasure during the recent AGM to turf our current Hon. Secretary, Michael Dobbs, out of the meeting room! The reason being he wanted to put to those in attendance that he thought Michael deserved elevation to Honorary Life Membership of our Society. Michael had been a member of the Committee of the FPHS for 43 years. During that time he was our Vice-President from 2000-03 and President from 2003-05. He had also during three separate spells managed to rack up a magnificent total of over 25 years as our Hon. Secretary - the most onerous position in the Society.

Michael first started as Hon. Secretary in 1976, two years after joining the Society. He started his current ongoing stint in 2005 and it was only during this period of office he got to know Michael and saw how tirelessly he worked for us all. He went on to state that Michael was a stalwart of the Society and it was dedicated officers such as him that had ensured that we have such a vibrant society. Michael undertakes many tasks on behalf of the Society - he knew because he keeps telling him (and others) all the things he does on our behalf! The proposal to award Honorary Life Membership was seconded by Robin Davis (our Senior Vice-President) and was met with unanimous public acclaim. Michael was visibly moved when invited back into the meeting room and told the great news. He accepted. Well done Michael - much deserved and Richard was honoured to propose him for the finest recognition the Society could give.


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